Reasons to Refinance using a VA Mortgage


Veteran home loans are not just for veterans interested in purchasing new homes; they can also provide an excellent way for you to significantly reduce your interest rate and monthly mortgage payments. If you would like to improve your monthly budget, and save yourself thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your mortgage, it is time to consider a VA streamline refinance, which is an interest rate reduction refinancing loan.

  • Little to no out-of-pocket expenses
  • Potentially save thousands through lower interest rates
  • Significantly reduce monthly VA loan payments
  • Refinance to a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate VA mortgage
  • Take advantage of the lowest available interest rates
  • Appraisal may not be required
  • No need to get a new certificate of availability
  • Few requirements or stipulations
  • Have closing costs included in the VA loan
  • Enjoy a short and streamlined refinancing process

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