Is Your Street Presidential?

Madison Avenue, Washington Street, Roosevelt Road – streets named after our nation’s leaders are found in neighborhoods across the country. Past presidents hold a place in history and in our hearts, but do they actually mean anything when it comes to a home’s value?


The answer is a resounding yes. In a recent analysis, Zillow looked at streets named after presidents and then ranked them by the value of homes found on those streets.

Much like the order of our nation’s leaders, Washington comes in first with the most mentions. 215,279 homes, condos or co-ops have been built on his namesake. After Washington, expect to find plenty of Cleveland, Lincoln and Madison. The homes on streets named after President Coolidge hold the highest value, coming in at several thousand dollars above the national average.

In many cases, the home values on a presidential street directly correlate to whether or not that president ever lived there. If you’re in New England or the mid-Atlantic region, Washington Streets are the places to live. In Illinois, home state to President Lincoln, his name owns the road. He also has quite a valuable showing in California, next to native son Ronald Reagan.

Our past presidents continue to make a difference in our lives today, not just in terms of history, but in our home values as well. So whether you live on Adams Avenue or Van Buren Boulevard, hold your head up high as you walk your block feeling presidential!


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