How To Keep Your Home Cost Efficient Through Winter

Let’s face it, during the winter months, there are plenty of ways homeowners spend more money, like buying gifts, traveling, dinners, or parties. The expenses of the holiday season can certainly add up. For homeowners who may not realize their home might be adding to the additional costs during November, December and January, it’s time to start thinking about a winter renovation.

How To Keep Your Home Cost Efficient Through Winter

Get ready for a winterized restoration
Taking time to prepare your home through the winter months can save you money. Typically, the housing market slows during winter, people are busy with family and friends, and no one thinks about renovating a kitchen or updating a bathroom.
Because of this way of thinking, contractors and home improvement and hardware stores may offer deals and sales to homeowners thinking about renovating or undertaking DIY projects. So, finding time to update your home during the holiday months could end up saving money.

Saving money in the winter
In many parts of the country, winter means significant temperature drops, and energy costs can spike while keeping homes heated and comfortable.

Here are some ways to keep winter costs lower:

Energy-efficient windows
Energy-efficient windows help insulate your home by keeping heat inside and cold air outside, resulting in the use of less electricity. Replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficient ones will save you money on utilities.
Energy-efficient windows are also a great selling point when the time comes to PCS, TDY or retire. Think about it: you’ll save money on energy while possibly increasing your home’s value.

Insulating the garage
Insulation won’t keep the garage the same temperature as your home, but it can prevent the loss of too much heat. The same applies to other areas within your homes like attics and unused basements. If concerned about losing or wasting energy, it’s worth considering adding more insulation.

Other energy-efficient upgrades to consider
Besides heating, there are other items in your home that use electricity or gas, like a water heater. It’s no secret that during cold months, hot water use increases. So, investing in energy-efficient methods like heat pumps or high-efficiency water heaters is another way to save money.
Smart thermostats are another energy-efficient option to look at. These thermostats keep track of daily routines and can be programmed to keep your home at certain temperatures throughout the day.

Keep these things in mind:

· Prioritize. If deciding to renovate during the winter months, make a list of priorities. Indoor renovations can be completed during any type of weather, so these should be prioritized.

· Budgeting. Sticking to a budget while renovating is essential. You should set a predetermined budget and stick to it.

· Sales and deals. As stated before, renovating in the winter tends to mean lower prices. Use this to your advantage by shopping around for the best prices and deals.

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