Don’t use these PIN numbers

If you lose your credit, debit or ATM card, how difficult would it be for someone to clean out your account?

Easier than you might thank.

More than one-quarter of all credit and debit card passwords could be guessed by attempting just 20 combinations of four-digit numbers, security experts say.

Here are other numbers you don’t want to use with any card that requires a PIN or password:

Your birth date. If you lose your wallet, a thief has access to your birth date from your driver’s license.

The ever-popular 1234. That’s one of the most popular PIN numbers – and one of the first thieves try.

Two-number combinations. Don’t use combinations such as 4545, 1313 and so on.

Your house number. Similar to your birth date, your house number will be on your driver’s license.

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The best combination that you can come up with is something that is random and cannot be related to anything else in your life. Simply come up with 8 random numbers, and then sit there for 10 minutes and say it out-loud (alone) and think about it. Write it down for good measure and then try to recite it later in the day and later that week. Once you have it completely memorized update your PIN numbers to include the 4 digits, up to 8 digits according to the security requirements. Burn the paper that you originally wrote it down on. This ensures that your PIN is IN YOUR HEAD and cannot be linked from anything personally related to you.


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