How Do I Buy A Home While Deployed

The VA does make accommodations for those who are buying a home while deployed. With someone you can trust, a good mortgage professional and some helpful information, you can get this done. Buying a home while deployed can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. So if you’re deployed, or about to be, and want to have a new home to return to when you get back. Here is what you’ll need to make that happen.

Someone You Trust

The biggest asset you can have when buying a home while deployed is someone you can trust. You can give this person Power of Attorney which gives them the right to sign loan paperwork on your behalf and to act as your official representative. They can get your COE and they can apply for the loan. At closing they will also be able to sign on your behalf. The entire process can be taken care of without you having to do much at all in terms of handling paperwork when you use the power of attorney.

What If I Haven’t Got Anyone?

If you’re not comfortable giving someone the Power of Attorney, you can still go through with the process. A mortgage company can help you buy a home while deployed. It will require some sending of documents back and forth. Although this is more time consuming it is still a possibility. Call a mortgage company and ask them what they will need in order to help you do this.

What About the VA Occupancy Requirements?

This requires that you occupy a new home bought with a VA loan within 60 days after closing. But when you’re deployed the earliest you will be able to move in is after your release date which may be longer than 60 days. Don’t let this discourage you from buying a home.

The VA has made accommodations for this. You can get that 60 days extended if you can show a date that you plan to return within 12 months. Your mortgage lender can help you get all the paperwork straightened out for this accommodation, or they can help the person you assign to work for you. Note that if you are married your spouse will be able to fulfill the 60 day occupancy requirement without the need for any special extensions.

Fill out our online application if you’re currently deployed (or will be soon) and you are interested in buying a home during your deployment.


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